POP3 messages retrieved by Domino server

I was reading some blogs when I found a post that announced the release of POP3 Collect, a Domino server add-in written in Java: its job is collecting messages from POP3 servers and send them to a SMTP server (Domino). I've read that it's freeware, but the Java source code seems not available (only .class files).

(By the way, for the same job I use fetchmail or a custom free application)

Gosh, I almost forgot that it is possibile to write a server add-in with Java and some classes, since R5: you can see some code examples on the Net, as Julian Robichaux's example here and also one example on SearchDomino.

  • Does anybody else tried to write Domino server add-in using Java?
  • What is your feedback about that?
  • I mean, is it really reliable writing addins with Java or you have found some issues (memory?) about Java Virtual Machine in Domino?
  • Any crashing for the all Domino server?
Anyway, it's thrilling to write on the server console something like: "load runjava MySmartAddin" ;-)


Anonymous said...

Christian: These two examples you mentioned were also my own starting points to create a proof of concept.

My experience with writung the code was very good. The APIs are not documented, but they closely follow the C++ APIs in Domino.

Andy Brunner
The man behind POP3 Collect

Unknown said...

Sorry Andy, I did not mentioned your name.

Thanks for developing your sw as a freware one: I wonder if someday it will be open-source too, hosted on openNTF ;-)

I'm glad that writing Domino add-ins with Java seems safe, but I'm scared it is not documented... That was the reason I never worked with those classes...

Anyway, thanks for your work.

Anonymous said...


Most of the APIs I had to use are standard Domino Java API and the Sun JavaMail API (both are well documented). Only the RunJava APIs I had to take from the C++ documentation.

The code might very well be sent to the open source community when I feel it is almose 100% complete and stable.

Captain Kork said...

I am running the addin task on my homeserver which runs in a windows vm...
seems to be very convenient and running without any problems.. the only thing i noted is memorycoinsumption if you check many accounts at a time... but as 2 gb ram is only 2 60€ where is the problem. A scheduled server restart on the weekends should do the rest....
Many thanks andy

Anonymous said...

Captain Kork:

Interesting. Which task is using more RAM than under normal conditions? My investigations showed that the RunJava (wich POP3Collect is a subtask) is not using more RAM than it should. Anyway, I do recylce() all Domino objects as documented to free all resources.

If you have any more findings on the RAM usage, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Christian: BTW, how did you create your nice custom made Domino 8 icons? If you have some spare time, I could use one database icon and one picture in the navigator for POP3 Collect ;)

Unknown said...

One colleague of mine did those icons: he's very good with photoshop!

I can ask him to prepare some free cool icons for the POP3 Collect sw, using the R8 style.

See you soon.

Anonymous said...

The formal release 0.7.0 without time limit has just been released. You can download it at http://NotesNet.CH (just follow Downloads/Demos).

A big thanks to Giorgio Tino for the creation of the beautiful Notes 8 style program icon.