Understanding the Irish language

Do you think spoken English is difficult to understand?
You will change your idea if you listen to spoken Irish language... ;-)

For anyone going to Ireland to attend ILUG2008 and discover Dublin, I suggested to take a look to the funny posts written on Domi-No-Yes-Maybe blog:
"ILUG 08 a guide to Irish Idiom for our non-irish gests Part 1" .

Don't miss the other parts too ;-)


Unknown said...

Grazie! per la promozione :-)
Prometto tutto l'irlandese a ILUG 2008 saranno sul loro comportamento migliore e parleranno in inglesi corretti :-)
Evviva ILUG!

Unknown said...

Oh my god, an Irish man speaking Italian?! ;-)

I will need your help when I will have holiday in Ireland again...
I hope soon because Ireland if full of nice people: prosit!