Will you tomorrow be a Notes geek?

While I was writing my previous post, I had one amarcord (= "I remembered one episode in my life", for the lovers of Fellini's movies) about many years ago when I first wrote a very simple add-in task for Domino.

I did it in one night, using C code and reading the "Notes C/C++ API" provided by Lotus:
I felt so happy and proud, my colleagues were astonished, no one else in that company did that before ;-)

Some weeks before someone told me that ONLY one guy from another company could write a custom @dbcommand(), but that subject was so mysterious that it could be the subject of one X-files episode ;-) Just developing a program/tool with the Notes C/C++ API was considered something very special, being like a god ;-)

I must admit I liked to develop something "special" for Domino, to be considered a "guru" (of course I'm not!).

But now I'm not anymore like that, I mean so proud ...

I understood that Notes/Domino is really wonderful because anybody can develop useful programs without knowing C/C++ or Java: I've seen many people learning just Formula and basic-like LotusScript languages and be soon productive for the sw company.

They simply did not need to have a degree in Computer Science, but they could begin working after some weeks of training only, workin later for years. They were not geek, some of them never opened a PC during the week-end, no computer magazines, but they got the job done.

I'm not saying that all programmers should be like that, of course.

I only hope that Notes will still be nice to start with, not requiring higher programming skills in Java, C/C++ . Someone told me that for him/her it would be very difficult to study Java, plenty of classes, many buzz words... They can simply deal with Formula, LotusScript and Visual Basic.

On the contrary, maybe what I see today is just a matter of generation changes, new fresh people will be so smart that they will learn Java & C/C++ since elementary school ;-) , or maybe computer programming will not be a good job for some western countries anymore (see other emerging countries like India, Indonesia, Romania, Bulgaria, etc),


Kevin Pettitt said...

As someone who came to Notes a (relative) non-geek, I completely agree it would be a great loss if Notes ceased to allow folks like me an easy path to productive development. Indeed I think this capability of Notes offers a great way to counter the outsourcing trend, because it gives technically adept subject matter experts the tools to build their own solutions.

The challenge for the Notes community is to continue allowing this sort of "organic" or "outside of IT" software development, but do so while minimizing the maintenance and management headaches that have historically been a problem. It is precisely this goal which inspired the creation of my SuperNTF framework.

Speaking of which I will be giving an entire presentation on SuperNTF at ILUG in June. Hopefully I'll see you there :-).

Unknown said...

Hi Kevin, thanks for your feedback.
I will take a closer look to the superNTF framework.

I appreciate your efforts di develop a framework to let other programmers take advantage of some Notes tricky features.


Captain Kork said...

What is the definittion of geeking?
The time you spent programming or ripping pc's appart?
i dont think so...... Geeking does mean beeing convinced from what you do no matter what others say or do....
I was a trainer, a consultant, a developer and finaly a manage a developement departement.....
and all that was based on notes. No matter i was starting notes in version 3 when all was need and eaysy.... going through 4 and five with all the new design and script hype..... ending up with a 8.0.1 rollout and the first sidebarplugins being developed in java...... i call myself a geek beeing convinced lotus notes is the right plattform..........
And i have found a geek plattform where geeks come together :-)) bleedyellow.com and you can find my blog on http://www.bleedyellow.com/blogs/FlowerPower/
step by and com geeking with us :-))

Unknown said...

Beam me up, Captain ;-)

Captain Kork said...

Hmmmmm for beaming you will have to ask Scott(y) you will also find him on bleedyellow.com :-)