At last, it's election day!

Today is election day in Italy!

As always, I've done my duty, although this time it was not easy to choose a party, to choose a man: Veltroni, Berlusconi, Casini, Bossi, Casini, ..... :(

I really hope for the best of my Country.

For English speaking people, take a look to the following video about a New York Times interview to Beppe Grillo, a comedian who also deals with Italian political and social issues. He organized a rally called the V-day (vaffanculo day), that be translated as F-day (f*k off day):

And to have some fun, here's a video about former Italian prime minister Berlusconi and U.S.A. president George W. Bush:

Take also a look to this video shot by mr. Rutelli, former Italian Ministry of Tourism: will you come in Italy? ;)

And for people who can understand Italian language, see the following video parody about the previous video, shot by a guy who "translates" the speech for an Italian audience ;-)

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