DB2 on a crowded train

I'm travelling to Vasto, central Italy, by train.Thanks God I booked the ticket in advance, many people just stand-up on the train, it's even difficult to go to the rest room :( Many old people and children are getting tired because there are no seats available... I booked e-ticket on Internet railway website (no need to print it), as other two young traveller next to me.The man who is checking my ticket is using a smartphone or something like that... Someone told me that on that smartphone/computer is running a "mobile version" of -IBM DB2...Anyone have more precise info about it?


Anonymous said...

It is called DB/2 everyplace. There is an official IBM page. One easy way to play with it is to use Expeditor platform for Devices (currently Windows Mobile Only). DB/2 everyplace is available on more platforms.
:-) stw

Unknown said...

Thanks Stephan for your info!