Who cares about lastname pronunciation?

After Bruce mispronounced my lastname during a TakingNotes podcast episode with Mikkel ;-) , I decided to find out a way to let English-speaking people know how to pronounce my "weird" lastname.

I found out that there is a phonetic notation called International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), frequently used in dictionaries.

Just to recap, my written lastname is:

My lastname pronounciation, written in IPA notation, is:

I guess I should write it on my business card ;-)

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belgort said...

Next time I will get it write. It's your fault since you sent me email during the podcast recording :-=)

Thanks for listening!

Unknown said...

Thank you Bruce!

It's always a pleasure to hear you and Julian with the podcast, funny and informative.

I liked to twitter you during the live recording of TakingNotes, it was done on purpose ;-)

My lastname is really hard to pronounce, even some Italian people mispronounce it ;-)

Giuseppe said...

you'r not alone Cristian, quite evereyone from the anglophone word call me "guiseppe", it's so common I don't even bother to correct