A good and sweet idea for a special gift?

As I will attend a wedding in Indonesia in early June, I was looking for a special gift to give to the new couple: "Italian Confetti" ! (known as Jordan almonds in the States)

I mean, not American colored little pieces of paper ;) but that yummy, delicious white sugar-covered almond candies that Italian people eat during a traditional wedding, especially in central-southern Italy.

There's a small Italian company named Pelino that makes Confetti since 1783, it's a really important traditional company that sells candies all over the world!

So I decided to have a look to Pelino website, just for curiosity.

I was really surprised to see a product called: CONFETTI GAY BRIDE !


Because some years I read on the newspaper that one member of the Pelino family, owner of that company, said that she would not sell Confetti candies to gay people if they would get married: she was (still is?) a right-wing politician.

After a few hours/days, the Pelino company replied that she was speaking for herself, not for the company ;) Business is business, luckily.

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