NSFDB2 & iSeries: a good idea is NOT dead (yet)

I recently received a polite memo from an IBM guy: he asked me if I'm still using NSFDB2 (Domino on Windows) plus DB2 Federation over iSeries (AS/400,...) and he also asked me some feedback about my previous experience about that.

I am glad about it, really: he's trying to refocus the interest in that subject.

My feedback about that workaround is positive: it worked well in my prototype, as long I used it.

Problem is the DB2 license + Federation option was not cheap, so in the meantime I also had to test other technical solutions to get rid of NSFDB2, or to find a backup solution... ;-)

Here's a small excerpt written by me some months ago (it was a comment to an IBM post):
" In my opinion IBM would make a nice strategic decision to let customers/partners freely use the DB2 server with federation on System i:
- IBM would receive "forgiveness" from customers about the sudden nsfdb2 System i decision ;-)
- it's a way to let many customers study/understand DB2 server on Windows/Linux
Please, extend the Domino R8 licence to freely use db2 federation to System i data.
9/5/2007 8:14:42 AM "

I really hope the IBM guy will find any free way (license) to let Domino companies use NSFDB2 and DB2 Federation to access real-time data from iSeries!

It would be good for NSFDB2 technology, for iSeries customers, for DB2 technology to get more users among Domino companies... ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Cristian, it would be really interesting to see an architectural diagram of how you got NSFDB2 to work with Domino and the "i". Is is possible to assemble a working version using IBM trial software?

Unknown said...

Actually is very simple.

I will try to find some free time to write it down... ;-)