Bolognese sauce in Indonesia? No way!

I guess that Vowe will agree with me that Italian food is delicious ;-)

But please, eat Italian food in Italy or at least ask some friend to advise you for good Italian restaurants in your place: I know, that's an old issue, any kind of food is somehow cooked to please local people.
See a nice movie about it: Big Night (1996) by Stanley Tucci.

I was visiting Mount Bromo volcano (over 2300 meters), east Java: while choosing food for our dinner I was surprised to see 3 fake-named Italian dishes on their menu:

  • Bolognaise means "from Bologna" (my home town) or also "cooked as used in Bologna"

  • Casanostra means "Our home": some Italian people read that as "Cosanostra", that means mafia ;-)
I guess that menu was wrote for Australian tourists, or maybe some American!
I had a similar experience in Little Italy, New York!

You know what? That evening I decided to eat some rice and vegetables ;-)


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Anonymous said...

ha ha.

that's funny my wife is from East Java, and I've been there. You're lucky you got some Italian sounded food options.

Where I was, there wasn't such western options of any kind.