Do you really need many choices?

Interesting speech about the many choices we deal with and our true freedom.


Nate said...

Well, his premise is dead wrong in the first minute. The way to maximize individual freedom is not to maximize individual choice.


Freedom doesn't and never has meant having a whole bunch of choices. It means not having any choices imposed upon you.

Nate said...

Man... listening to this guy is downright offensive.

"You can't buy a phone that doesn't do too much."

Who determines what constitutes "too much?" As far as I can tell, HE DOES.

Unknown said...

I agree with you if you talk about freedom as civil rights. I like democracy, not tyranny.

For what I understood, I guess the speaker was talking about something more "easy" like buying a phone or, say, choosing the right loan: I agree with him that nowadays we face many choices and often it's not easy to choose the right one, but it's not impossible ;-)

When there are too many choices many people experience paralysis, inability to choose.

For me the magic keyword is "simplification", but nobody else can do it for us, it's our responsability ;-)