Fed up waiting for a Domino Mail setting policy to be effective?

Some days ago I was using someone else Notes client and I just found out that her mail Preferences settings had wrong setting for work hours, from monday to friday.

I decided to take advantage of Domino Policy settings, in my case Mail Settings , to deploy common work time frame for that company: e.g. 8.00 to 17.00 .

Here's what I did:
  • wrote an explicit Policy setting up some Mail settings
  • assigned that policy to a few people using the Domino Administrator (test)
  • issued a "tell adminp process all" console command
  • restarted a Notes client to test the new Mail setting
The Notes client did not get the new Mail setting.

After a few minutes on the Net I found out that:

"Mail policy settings information is applied to mail files when the administration process runs, which by default is every twelve hours.
To force adminp to immediately process new mail policy settings information, issue the following command on the server console:
tell adminp process mail policy

Notes: - - Be aware that the "Tell adminp process all" command does NOT invoke "tell adminp process mail policy"

I guess many people would like reading the following IBM document related to Domino Policies:
Self-Training: Domino Mail policy settings documents

Take also a look to this document:
Self-Training: Troubleshooting Domino policies and settings documents

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