Happy birthday to.... DominoBaloney!

Gosh, my first post on DominoBaloney blog was on 11th June 2007, that's over one year ago!

Some friends told me:
"Come on, you have a lot of experience on Notes, moreover you can also write in English!"

At first I was doubtful about this "new" kind of communication, but soon I understood the importance to be linked to a larger Notes/Domino community.

Here are some reason I like to post on my blog:
  • share my knowledge with other people:
    I must admit that I received so much info from people around the world, so it's right to give back something I know

  • share my thoughts about software products, beeing part of a bigger community who can drive some improvement/feedback to our software tools

  • write about my own feelings, open my heart to other people:
    for me it's like talking to a stranger while waiting in a airport or railway station, for some reason I feel free to talk freely

  • try to improve my English:
    I also tried to write posts using Italian language, but later I decided to target a larger audience, a worldwide community (English, Irish, American, Indian, ...)

  • and, yes I must admit, I'm also proud to know that there are some people around the world you like to read my posts ;-)
I don't know how long I will continue my experience on this blog, but I'm pretty sure I will continue as long as I will get fun.

I get confused when I google for Notes technical info and I sometimes get links to DominoBaloney posts! Is that because some posts are really useful or just because I'm the only own who use the "right" keywords to find my own posts? ;-)


Unknown said...

!!!!!Happy Birthday DominoBaloney!!!!

Dominoyesmaybe is only a 3 weeks older than you so they have the same star sign (i think).

Keep up the blogging do you are doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Already a year, times fly but you've come a long way...
Congrats Cristian!

Vitor Pereira said...

Happy Birthday DominoBaloney! Congratulations Cristian it has been a great ride. Keep it up man.