Being a R8.0.2 beta 1 tester

While many people are evaluating the brand new shining R8.5 beta, I'm working on R8.0.2 beta 1: right, I'm a R8.0.2 beta 1 tester.

My first impression is good, I like it, especially the login window just appearing so quickly:
perception matters!

Until now, my main concern was about my mouse pointer: a white box surrounding the "finger" mouse icon.

I took a look inside the beta forum and I found out the problem was about color depth of my video: I changed my settings from 16 bits to 32 bits, and all is ok.

R8.0.2 beta 2 is coming soon, we are all waiting for you ;-)


Anonymous said...

Any chance you could note/mention an inconsistency in the mail template. The reply options when you are in the Inbox view are not the same as when you open an email and reply. When an email is open and you click reply you must then select/click again. From the Inbox view Reply requires only a single click.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your reply.

I know that there are still open issues, that's normal for any beta release: it's just beta 1.

Let's keep testing ;-)

Anonymous said...

any comment on memory consumption? is it handling it better than 8.0.1?