Feeling stupid with Firefox 3....

Suddenly my Firefox 3 installation just started to behave weirdly: it could not save any password inside the built-in Password Manager... Moreover, my Gmail Manager could not save my accounts data.

I tried many things trying to solve that issue:

  • checking my FF3 options to be sure it would ask for password saving
  • disabling/uninstalling some specific add-ons
  • uninstalling ALL add-ons
  • uninstall Adware and Spybot Search&Destroy software
  • rebooting my pc (at least three times!)
  • creating a new user profile for FF3
  • reading forums about the subject: other people have the very same problem, but no solutions worked for me...
  • uninstalling FF3 and re-installing it again from scratch
  • ...

After more than one hour of testing, I decided to give up:

  • I uninstalled FF3 :-(
  • installed FF2 latest release
  • installed back all my beloved add-ons:
    Firebug, del.ico.us toolbar, Gmail Manager, FireGestures, Sxipper

With FF2 now I really feel home browsing the web and working: I will "play" with FF3 during the week-end ;-)

Feeling less studid ;)
I installed FF3 Portable Edition in my local c:\tools directory: it simply works, even with all my add-ons.

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