I tried to create a new R8 database... application with the standard blank template: I was using my R8.0.1 client, onto a R8.0.1 Domino server.

I unexpectedly got the following error message: Note Item not found

I was worried that the problem was about having both R8.0.1 and R8.5 beta Notes clients on the same pc; after uninstalling R8.5, I reinstalled client Notes R8.0.1 . No way!

Before getting crazy, I luckily found an IBM technote to solve that issue:

Error: 'Note item not found' when creating new database using Blank template
Reference #: 1307244

Modifying the Notes.INI?
You know what? I decided to create a blank template db on local, then I replicated it on the R8 server ;-)

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