Save your server disk space, use DAOS in R 8.5

Andrea wrote a post about a new feature, DAOS, that will be available with Domino 8.5 .

The new developed technology will be/must be an improved SCOS (single copy object store), also known as Shared Mail, available in R8 and previous Domino release.

We all know many Notes users love to send memos with heavy attachments, especially to many recipients! Archiving is an option, but I still see many Notes mailboxes that are over 2 GB.

Users love to "reply with attachments" and also love keeping ALL their memos since 19.. ;-)

Even worse, they start to compare company mailboxes with Gmail mailboxes: big storage, fast searching, ...

I really hope DAOS will help Notes users and administrators to experience a faster company mail consultation and a better mail system management.

There's also another IBM technology to archive/retrieve messages from/to Domino servers:
CommonStore for Lotus Domino .


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