Any library to manage HttpSession data storing and retrieval in LotusScript web agents ?

In programming I don't like to "reinvent the wheel", I like to use reliable code written by (smart) people who already had to face common needs.
That's why I use libraries like OpenLog, WebSession, libraries to compute MD5 hashes, etc.

I wonder if someone has already written a LotusScript Library to manage HTTP Session, like HttpSession interface in Java servlets: when programming LotusScript web agents, it would be useful to use a LS library to manage session data, using methods like setAttribute(), getAttribute(), etc.
The goal is to temporary save session data  between LS web agents calls, without using any URL and fetch it back via QueryString ..

I took a small look on the Web but I could not find any info about that.

If I will not find it, I guess I will program a LS class to do that (using session cookies, a ticket db with http sessions docs  etc).


Anonymous said...

Afaik XPages have session support so if you do not need this immediately and 8.5 is an option maybe you should investigate!?

Unknown said...

Unfortunately I need that immediately ... ;) And Domino 8.5 is not an option, R7 is my only option...