Arranging a wedding lunch in Italy

It's over midnight here in Italy and I'm so tired...

I've just chosen the restaurant for my wedding party, finally.

Gosh, sometimes I forget that Italy is really an amazing place for food, wine and amazing locations: so many places to visit.

I made several phone calls, e-mail memos and web form submissions to get some useful info about prices and food.

I have two funny cases for you.

1. A restaurant manager called me just after three minutes since I submitted my contact web form. It was a wonderful restaurant and magnificent castle on top of a nice hill: someone told me that maybe it is/will be in the famous Michelin guide!

2. Another restaurant manager sent me two menù options attached to the memo: unfortunately the file format was a .pub file (MS Publisher) and I had to call him back to receive a PDF/Word/text file ;-)

I'm sorry you will not taste/smell my wedding party's food, it cannot be broadcasted on the web ;-)

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