Getting married... on the web!

On August 29th, 11 a.m. central european time, I will get married with Elly.

The ceremony will be held at Palazzo d'Accursio, Sala Rossa, in Bologna.

It will be a civil marriage in Italy, later we will have catholic ceremony in Indonesia (yet to be defined).

The ceremony will be broadcasted over the web, it's a Town Hall free service!

Here is the web address where you can connect to using Internet Explorer 6+ or Firefox, with Flash plugin installed.

Wish us good luck! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Cristian!!

Will be a wonderful day, i'm sure. I wish you all the best.

Roberto (friend of "Mr.Tino")

SteMax said...

I wish you very good luck Cristian.

Wish you all the best.


Biassanott said...

benvenuto nel club !!!

auguroni !