How many Notes/Domino developers in IBM?

I "finally" found the answer to an old question I had in my mind for a long time. ;-)

The answer is: 850 It's really special number number from fate: 8.50 is in beta.

I mean, 850 developers are working on the development of Notes/Domino products in IBM.

I got the answer from Ed's post you can read here:
"In the last six years, IBM has released four major releases of Notes/Domino, and another one is coming soon. IBM has already announced a major release 12-18 months after this one. I don't see the 850 developers working in our engineering team working on a "stream of minor point releases that change virtually nothing"

I must admit that such a number is really unexpected for me, I mean, 850 developers!
I had no clue about it...

I still remember when I was at school and the Computer Science teacher just whispered to us:
"The first release of AutoCad was programmed by 20 developers"

I thought:
"gosh, 20 people! really a though job to manage such a big project, 20 people! At least they had troubles trying to get a cup of coffee!" ;-)

Moreover some years ago a friend of mine, very pessimist indeed, told me:
"You know, for me in big sw companies only a few people really develop the product, all the other, more or less, just stroll around for lunch time!" ;-)

Yeah right, I misunderstood on purpose: developers are not only programmers .

By the way:
How many IBM programmers are really working on Notes/Domino products ?

Warning: this is a not-serious post, don't shoot the pianist ;-)

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