SnTT: a helpful policy for Notes R8 plug-in installation

I was getting mad trying to install some third-party plug-ins for my Notes R8.02 beta 2 ! e.g. see

Because I could not even see the usual File > Application > Install menu item to start the plug-in installation!

That's should be very easy indeed, I already did it with previous Notes 8 installation, just adding line:
inside the text file named PLUGIN_CUSTOMIZATION.INI .

Of course I relaunched my Notes client to see the hidden menu item, I even rebooted my laptop! ;-)

No way.

Then, I even took a look inside the names.nsf hosted on my Domino mail server: no policies were assigned to my Notes user or organization.

So what?

After some searching on the web I found out that it's possible for a Domino administrators to setup a Desktop Policy to allow Notes users to install plug-ins: see IBM Infocenter .

"User-initiated install or update of Notes features and plug-ins is not allowed by default but can be enabled by setting a provisioning policy (Allow user to do user-initiated updates) or PLUGIN_CUSTOMIZATION.INI file preference (com.ibm.notes.branding/enable.update.ui=true)."

So I defined a policy for my Notes user, setting up a Desktop Policy with the cited "provisioning policy":


and at the bottom of the Basic section:

Then I assigned that policy to my Notes user inside the Person document within names.nsf :

I restarted my Notes client and FINALLY I could see the usual Install menu item for plug-ins:



Anonymous said...

Thank You,Thank You,Thank You!!!
I was about to go become mad about this.

IdoNotes said...

However, we don't want to let normal users do this, ever. Pushing plug-ins should be administratively controlled.