You never know, learn a new (human) language...

What happens when an Italian guy is going to marry an Idonesian woman and
they communicate using just English language?

They both need to learn the language of the partner, Italian and Indonesian, otherwise it will be very difficult speaking with their own parents-in-law...

We found two podcasts, both hosted in English, to learn just the basics of the partner language:
Learning Indonesian and ItalianPod .

For the people who need to improve their English skills, I can suggest to hear a nice podcast: English as a second podcast
Listening is free, and if you pay 10 US $/month you will get the PDF transcript of the lesson and also more information about the lesson subject. It's worth of it.

A good web page about language learning using podcasts can be found here.


Anonymous said...


apa kabar? ;-)
I am lotus blogger from Jakarta Indonesia

Unknown said...

Saya baik-baik .

That's great, nice to meet you.

Let's keep in touch, I will need your help soon or later ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cristian,

We're glad we can help!

We try to keep the English clear and straight-forward so that it's easier for non-native English speakers. We hope that comes through for you.