Holding on Chrome, using Google Picasa

All the geek world is thrilled by Chrome, the brand-new Google browser:
for me, I will wait using it until there will be nice add-ons for it, as the ones I'm using with Firefox.

I'm a big fan of Google products, so I'm sure that soon or later we will use the G-browser.

In the mean time, I suggest you to take a look to the new releases of other Google products:
Picasa 3 now allows you to arrange photo slideshows with background music and publish it on YouTube. Moreover now you have more options to retouch your images and even geo-tagging them (Google Earth needed on your pc) ! You also have the option to sync your hard-disk images with web albums published on Picasaweb.

On the other hand, Picasaweb has a new astonishing feature to tag people just people faces found automatically in your pictures: it's really amazing, it can even recognize small faces in a crowded photo!

Picasa 3 beta: new features here
Picasaweb : new features here

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