Pimp your R8 sidebar (your customers will love it)

I was thrilled when I first saw the R8 Sidebar: I honestly expected to use it a lot, especially the Widgets panel, but lately I was a bit disappointed ...

I tried to add some Notes db views on the client Sidebar, but I could not do it, I always had to deal with frameset containing it, etc.

Many Notes friends had my same feeling until.... I saw a post by Mary Beth AND a comment (#2) written by Brian Leonard about a nice trick!

Here is the story.
When I specify the Notes view to add on the Sidebar panel, I have to use the special notes:// URL sintax, kind of http:// sintax for Domino web application:

notes://myserver/dbname(or ID)/myview(or ID)?OpenView

BUT whenever I tried to use that sintax, somehow I could not see the only view itself BUT also the frameset hosting it! I just wanted the plain view.

Mary Beth suggested to resize the db navigator frameset, hiding the left navigator, whilst Brian wrote about using a URL parameter for the notes:// sintax: &HideNavigator

notes://myserver/dbname(or ID)/myview(or ID)?OpenView&HideNavigator

Now I can finally add any views on my Sidebar: to-do db, CRM customers, CRM most recent activities, ...

Whenever I click on any document from the Sidebar-embedded view, the document will open full page.

Such a simple trick, such a nice result.
My only wish is that some guy at IBM will develop a really easy procedure that can be used bu end-user user: they would like it! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip, I tried to embed a view in the sidebar and got the same results (navigator). this tip solves that problem. odd that this option is not available from the widget dialog...