A successful conference

DominoPointDay 2 is the Italian Lotus User Group conference that was held in Milan (Italy) the 10th of October (yesterday).

It was a successful event:
  • more than 500 people registered to attend the event
  • interesting topics:
    Portal server, nsfdb2, Dojo, Symphony, NSD log decoding, performance tuning, Quickr, Sametime, gmail-like Notes mail and more
  • a guest star: Jamie Magee from MartinScott
  • generous event sponsors: IBM, BlackBerry, TeamStudio, etc.
I and Vincenzo spoke about R8 nsfdb2 feature (on Windows) and how to enable Federation to access real-time AS/400 data and mix it with Notes data (join)

Later I will write some detailed posts about the event: stay tuned!


Ed Brill said...

Sounds fantastic!

Fabio Pignatti said...

It was really amazing and a wonderfull experience for all of us. Dominopoint is becoming one of the most important conference for the Lotus User Group in Europe!

Unknown said...

@ Ed: you bet! And DominoPoint will be happy to welcome you next year when the attendees will be 1000 ;-)

@Fabio: you're right, and it was my pleasure to work with you and all the conference speakers.

Dick Taylor said...

Teamstudio sponsored this event for the first time and despite the obvious language barriers, found the event to be of considerable value.
Thank you to the organisers for all their support and hard work.