Domino nsfdb2 & AS/400 federation: the video from DominoPoint Day 2008

The video is in Italian:
I guess adding subtitles will be time-intensive ;-)

Thanks to Daniele for his video re-editing and to all the DominoPoint team for hosting me and Vincenzo presentation.


Roland said...

Re: Subtitles

No worries, I'll just learn Italian ;-)

Unknown said...

You should learn Italian, Roland.

It's handy when you will come in Italy for your next vacation ;-)

Anonymous said...


Great presentation. I speak Spanish and could get some part of the Italian.

Do you have that presentation available? I'm in the middle of creating a test environment, but the final idea is to do NSFDB2 to access some data in a /400.

My email is: cesarzavalamesta@yahoo.com .

Anonymous said...

So is NSFDB2 dead? http://vowe.net/archives/010166.html