Notes 8.5 beta 2 Standard on USB (nomad)? Yes, No, maybe...

I installed the Standard client of Lotus Notes 8.5 beta 2 on an external USB hard-disk ("Nomad" or "Notes on a stick"), on my Windows XP Pro (I read somewhere that it was possible with Beta 1).

After the successful installation (via command line), I tried to run the Lotus Notes client but I received an error message that prevent me to use it.

Later I found this old post from Ed and Anthony and I also read the COMMENTS:
if I'm not wrong, Notes 8.5 beta 2 Standard client does NOT seem to be installable a USB drive (only Basic client will work).

Have you experienced my same unsuccessful attempt?
Do you know if later, after the beta time, will Nomad be available with Notes 8.5 Standard client?

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Anonymous said...

One part of the Notes 8.5 beta Help documentation implied Notes 8.5 Standard USB installation was available, but it wasn't. (And a closer reading of other Help documents confirmed this.)

I don't have direct information from Development on this (and if I did, probably couldn't tell you)... but...

If it IS made available in the final release of 8.5, that would be nice. But the fact that it isn't available now implies that it is likely to fall back to some later release. So for now it looks like Notes Basic on USB will have to suffice.