SnTT: How to remove encryption to a local databases

You made a local replica of a Notes database (application) but forgot to disable encryption?

No problem, you just delete the local db and make a new replica choosing to disable the encryption setting. Right? Wrong!

There's another way to get rid of the local db encryption, without deleting it.


- show the properties window of the local db
- click the "Encryption Settings" button of the first window tab
- choose "Do not locally encrypt this database"
- compact the local db (from the Compact button you can find inside the second tab)

By the way, I stole this tip from Vincenzo who was too lazy to write a SnTT post ;-)


Andy Donaldson said...

Actually in the 8.0.2 admin client, it did the compact automatically after clicking OK. Just went through that yesterday.

Iarin said...

Nice !!!

Anonymous said...