Testing Lotus Traveler inside a Windows Mobile emulator

Everybody is waiting to download Lotus Traveler compatible with Symbian phone.

I read some docs about Lotus Traveler but never had the chance to test it: I use one Blackberry device but have no other device compatible with Windows Mobile :-(

But I googled the web and found out that's available a Windows Mobile emulator/simulator used by programmers. So why not test the Lotus Traveler inside the Windows Mobile emulator?

Here's what I did on my Windows XP Pro SP2 pc:
  • I downloaded and installed the Windows Mobile emulator:
    you can find several versions from the Microsoft website

  • I downloaded and installed the Virtual PC 2007:
    that's compulsory since you need to install a virtual network driver for the Mobile emulator

  • restart your pc

  • after the restart, configure the Mobile emulator so later you can access the web from the Internet Explorer hosted by the emulator: pretty easy? not for me, luckily I found out a document that explain everything very well. Here it is!

  • after that, run the Internet Explorer inside the emulator and download the Traveler client for your Windows Mobile: e.g. http://myhost.domain.com/traveler/index.html

  • the Traveler client installation and configuration is easy (by the way, also installing Lotus Traveler on a Domino server is easy too...)
Here are some screen captures I shot during my tests (see them fullscreen):


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the presentation. I did the same test in Feb. 2008 (http://www.eknori.de/2008-02-24/lotus-traveler-installed/)
Now I'm using a HTC Prophet ( a.k.a XDA Neo ) that i bought for 40€ only on ebay. Traveler is great and I'm waiting for NDT 8.5 now.

Unknown said...

Hi Ulrich,
sorry I missed your post. I'm a little bit late with my test ;-)