What a mess at Babylon Ltd !

Some years ago I bought Babylon, the translator utility for my Windows laptop.

I WAS a happy user, until recently I just started to see pop-up messages telling me that I cannot use Babylon in more than one computer: I only use it on my Toshiba computer!

Ok, s*t happens, but the problem is with the Babylon Help Desk: I took me a lot of time to temporarily fix the problem.
Many mail messages back and forth between me and the Help Desk. Maybe I was unlucky, but it seemed that the Helpdesk guy was not human, he was acting like a robot...

Today the bad news: a new pop-up message telling me that my Babylon is expired!, and no chance to use it.

I'm really angry: I paid my licence and it seems like I am a thief.

I sent my complain message to Babylon, but I guess it will take a long time to fix their own problems with license management!

In the mean time I will use wordreference.com .

My feeling is that they are trying to sell me the Babylon version 7 upgrade...

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