Quickr Connector directory for temporary files

The following workaround was also useful when I upgraded my Quickr Connector to version

I had troubles trying to update one specific Excel file using the Quickr Connector (version shown on the About window, in the Windows registry) in the Windows Explorer (no problems using a web browser...).

That error was also found on other colleagues computers :-(

When I double clicked on the file, Excel showed a pop-up window stating that it could not find the find the file in "c:\documents and settings\...omitted..path...\my file.xls".

After some unsuccessful tests, e.g. pushing a button to empty the directory for temporary Quickr local files, I found out a way to solve the problem:
  • I opened the Quickr Connector preferences page
  • setup a new directory for local temporary files for a specific Quickr Place (c:\quickr-cache\placename)

It works, although I don't like the "manual operation" (ok ok, I could write a script to update the OS registry...).

BTW, I wonder if there's any OS environment variable to instruct Quick Connector to use a specific directory path where storing local temp files...


Anonymous said...


yes, you can set a registry key to define the default path. Please have a look here.

Unknown said...

Thanks Michael!