update Sntt: migrating mailboxes to Domino R8.5 from Linux

Update: 26th Febraury 2009
I found out that I needed to include some additional switches when running imapsync tool:
--skipheader '^X-|^Content' --skipsize
Without those switches, each time I run the tool I get all masseges from the source mailbox again and again... Lotus Domino some extra header lines to the incoming message.
End update

I recently had to chance to migrate mailboxes from Linux (Suse) to a brand-new Lotus Domino 8.5 on Linux. On the Linux side there was Dovecot, a nice IMAP (and POP3) server.

Gosh, on the source server there were several mailboxes over 1GB size, several nested folders ...

Ok, I decided not using Outlook Express/Thunderbird clients to map the two IMAP accounts AND drag&drop folders from source to destination (Domino) accounts. No way! ;-)

I google the Internet and found a utility to move/sync between any two IMAP accounts:

Some features:
  • it's free
  • it's a Perl script that can be run on several OS
  • it can sync OR move messages between two IMAP accounts
  • it works with several IMAP servers, including Domino
  • it takes care of nested folders
Using Lotus Domino as destination IMAP server I faced some issues:
  • messages transfered on Domino had wrong date, not message original date:
    I used the imapsync switch --syncinternaldates

  • nested folders could not be created on Domino, I got the error message from the tool:
    Couldn't create [dir1\\dir12]25 NO CREATE Names may not end with the '\' symbol.
    Another switch was required to specify the right folder separator : --sep1 '\'

    Anyhow I preferred to directly open the Perl script and modify the following line with:
    $t_sep = get_separator($to, $sep2, "--sep2");
    $t_sep = "\\";
It works!


Patpicos said...

nice SNTT. Anyway to upload all mail from my Thunderbird into a notes db? (the mail is not IMAP, its all downloaded down to local disk)

NotesSensei said...

@Patpicos: Just switch on IMAP4 on the Domino server and drag the messages over.
:-) stw

Unknown said...

NotesSensei is right, it's the same technique used by me when migrating mail from Outlook Express: after connecting a new Domino IMAP account inside Thunderbird, drag&drop each folder from the old account to the new Domino Imap account ! :-(

I also suggest you to take a look here

Anonymous said...

Excellent news!
Excellent, too, know that not only do I migrate from Exchange to Domino, but also from other systems. Have learned in my two migrations from Tobit!
Thanks Cristian, next time I call you!

Unknown said...

You are welcome Enzo!