Yesterday I HAD TO BE a prophet , today I AM an evangelist

Some time ago, after installing Notes 8.5 client on my pc, I was glad to see that IBM engineers did a great job for the new client: cold and warm boot loading time, flexible calendars management, etc. Of course only If you have the right hardware.

It's really a pleasure to work with R8.5 client and I look forward for the R8.5.1 release for and up-to-date Designer experience, too.

So what?

Now I realize that my enthusiasm is pushing me to suggest all my colleagues and customers to upgrade to R8.5 client, justing trying to "wipe away" the disappoint experience they had with release 8.0.x:
"Come on, install it (R8.5), is not slow anymore as 8.0.x! No need to launch the nlnotes.exe to run the Basic mode! Try it!" . Right now all my colleagues are happy for the "speedy" R8.5 .

Right today I suggested some customers to upgrade Lotus Notes to R8.5; they accepted (pure trust) and it was really a pleasure to see their satisfied faces after the upgrade. Great!
Now they are waiting for the Lotus Notes Italian localization, English version is not suitable for many Italian users.

My friend bought a MAC, he's a marketing guy and after struggling with Ubuntu, he decided for the Big Apple. It's kind of "snobbish" guy now, after he decided to run his own business ;-)
He told me that I'm "jealous" because I cannot run Notes on MAC:
"Wrong, my friend, it runs on Windows, MAC, Linux! ;-) . Long time since you used Notes R4" .

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