When a Quickr fix pack screws up on Friday morning

Maybe this post will be be useful to some Quickr administrators, maybe you will never experience such problems as me... Anyway.

Yesterday I download and installed Quickr fix packs version and for my English Quickr server: I just used the Java Installer as described by the readme file.
Everything was fine.

Today I experienced a really bad morning when trying to install the fix pack for my Italian Quickr server, version, file 8.1-Quickr-Domino-NLV-FP8105-IT from Fix Central, the specific fix pack for my Italian Quicker server.

I just followed the readme, using the Java installer, and everything seemed fine, until I tried to test the places!

When I pointed my web browser to http://fqhn/placename I received the message:
Http Status Code: 404

Reason: File not found or unable to read file

After several test (unregister, register places, etc), only after "some time" I realized that the Quickr software was NOT loaded when running "load http":
not errors from the http task loading, but no Quickr succeful loading messages too.

It seems to me that something went wrong during the Java fix pack installation, some files were removed but no replaced by the new version, I guess...

Moreover I did not find any fix pack installation backup directory, but some Quickr files were missing :-( although the Java installer (seemed) working well, writing messages on the Java window...

Any how, time was running and people getting "angry", so I decided to unpack the fix pack .jar installer file in a temp dir (winzip), then I installed all the files "by hand", as stated in the Readme file, as done during the old times ;-)

Now everything is fine: places are updated, I can login, etc.

Have a nice weekend ;-)

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