How to piss off the bosses only

Let's say there's a company named Gates and there's a guy, Bill Gates, who is the name of company founder.

In the Gates company other members of the Gates family work, each with their own email address, say:

The mail server is Lotus Domino 8.5, the Domino domain is "gates".

Problem is that all company people get e-mail address from Internet EXCEPT those whose lastname is Gates, i.e. whose e-mail address is X.gates@gates.com.

Delivery was not successful because:
User b (b@gates.com) not listed in Domino Directory

I got almost crazy looking aDomino mail setting to solve the issue. No way.
My first workaround was to update people person documents with a fake "X" username entry.

Very later I found this IBM technote:
Last name part of an Internet mail address is interpreted as the domain
that give directions for my issue: I setup the NOTES.INI variable
and all is working. Finally.

Am I missing something or still in Domino 8.5 we have to fix such issue with another notes.ini variable?
Never getting bored with Domino ;-)


Lars Olufsen said...

That's a classic ... I wonder what address format breaks when this setting is enabled, since it isn't on by default.

Albert Buendia said...

I've the same problem with Domino 5.x eight years ago but was fixed. I don't remember how was fixed but the solution was not that notes.ini variable.