Happy like a child!

Some years ago I was hanging around a bookshop and I was really shocked by the cover of a book: a cute little boy, manga style. I did not know exactly why that image was so familiar to me... Time to read some pages of book and I realized that it was Astroboy, creation of Osamu Tezuka, great japanese cartoon artist.

When I was young I used to watch the Astroboy show on TV:
wow, what a flashback in my childhood.

Today I was shopping in a big mall and I found a really small shop with some "old" japanese cartoon characters (Astroboy, Doraemon, etc) printed on t-shirts: guess what? I could not resist and bought one.

Cute, isn't it?

Sorry Ivan, no snowball in Indonesia: people think I'm crazy asking for stuff like that in this country :-)
Sorry to all friends who also would like to receive that kind of t-shirt: time is running out, my wedding is close, then honeymoon around java island.

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