Sleepless in Indonesia

Busy day today:
* first in a public office to register my civil marriage held in
Italy: I was interviewed by an Indonesian tv channer about the quality
of service! Living in Surabaya for a western guy is really an amazing
experience, everybody stare at you, likewise I'm from mars planet: and
luckily everybody smiles and is friendly;

* we were in church to test the ceremony procedures, ie how to behave
in front of the priest, parents, wife, and so on. Asian people really
care about tradition and manners;

* shopping in a mall, really huge one: unfortunately no chance to
visit electronic department, only dressing, I'm kidnapped by my
wife... ;-)
I only had time to taste espresso coffee at Starbucks and see my
parents-in-law, indonesian, disgusted by coffee bitterness (indeed it
was full of sugar, dont know...) ;-) While shopping I was looking for
English books or newspapers, hungry for reading (Internet is not
always available to me): I only found Time magazine!

* finally we had dinner, the so-called test food, to taste the menù
food that will be given to guests next sunday, our wedding day.good
food, chinese karaoke, nice hosts.

What experiences! Bologna and Italy are really far from here... I
thought Italy was best known for the arts, food and wine, opera music
... Wrong, the really popular subject about Italy here is just soccer.
Rome team and Totti, Juventus and Del Piero, and above all, AC Milan
and Maldini. My colleague Domenico will be happy since he is a AC
Milan fan ;-)

Among other appointments, tomorrow prep meeting with Mama Bella, the
nice drag queen that we'll perform on stage during my wedding party
and will be very funny telling jokes and singing :-)



Stephan H. Wissel said...

Indonesia is a nice place to be. If you happen to stop-over in Singapore on your way back let me know. We send your wife shopping and go to the IT Mall together.

Unknown said...

Thanks Stephan,
unfortunately we will stop-over in Kuala Lumpur. My wife said that Singapore is a nice place too... next time I will visit Singapore for sure.

At least I will see the Petronas towers... :-)

Anonymous said...

Ciao Cristian!
Così leggi anche qualche cosa in italiano :-)
Se trovi una di quelle palle con la neve ed il paesaggio, me ne prendi una?
ciao e non mangiare troppo!

Unknown said...

Ciao Ivan!
Se la trovo, molto volentieri.

Intanto ho visto un pupazzone di Babbo Natale: da queste parti la neve e' una cosa mitica, se ne parla come del mostro di Lochness ;-) Alcuni amici indonesiani sono venuti in tour in Europa e si sono fatti fotografare con la neve ;-)

A presto,