Would you trust this guy?

Ok, he's the MC (master of ceremony) for my wedding party.

He's a really funny guy, Handy Noa. Always telling jokes, talking about AC Milan soccer team, telling me that I'm as good-looking as Vin Diesel actor (Fast&Furious, XXX) . Actually he wears glasses... :-)

Today we had another meeting with Handy, unplanned. The problem was that we had to reschedules all events during lunch time: karaoke, pictures, video, etc.
The goal was to find enough time to insert the unplanned drag queen show by artist "Mama Bella ", funny artist I met last year during my sister-in-law wedding day.
I found out that, actually, the scheduling is a real script, sentences written line by line, like a movie script, nothing is random or should be...

My wife Elly told me that our guests will arrive in the restaurant and will leave as soon as they will finish eating, no way they will stop to see any show...
All the singing, dancing (professional dancers), jokes, etc. must happen between the start and the end of wedding food dishes (7 dishes + fruit), but NOT when the dishes are on the tables, people would just eat and not care about the show :-)

OMG, my wedding day is scripted like a movie. I beg some (western) friends near Surabaya or East Java... or Indonesia, to come to the party to give me moral support: 400 people are already invited...

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