ODBC is not dead: try it on Domino 8.5 for Linux (SUSE)

Let's say you have Domino 8.5 on Linux (SUSE) and some "old-style" but useful LotusScript agents to get data from MS SQL Server via LS:DO, via a ODBC connection.

Wait... ODBC on Linux?! Is it technically possible?

After getting some info about unixODBC I soon realize that MS SQL Server driver was NOT free.

Luckily I found out a post by Charles Robinson: there's a OEM software called DataDirect ODBC drivers version 5.2 that can be download from the IBM Passport Advantage.

For Domino 8.5 hosted by Linux Suse I downloaded the package :
IBM Lotus Branded DataDirect Connect for ODBC 5.2 Linux English(C13QDEN)

It is a c13qden.bin file that you can run from Linux with a double-click from the GUI (Suse) and follow the easy graphical wizard; or you can run it via SSH session specifying the --silent command line option.

To setup ODBC data sources etc. just read some useful documents, especially the one from Charles Robinson:
SNTT - Installing and configuring ODBC drivers for Domino on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

and IBM one:
Obtaining and Installing the Lotus OEM ODBC 5.2 drivers

After setting up a ODBC data source in /opt/odbc/odbc.ini to connect to a MS SQL Server database, I could make a test writing a simple LS agent to retrieve data using LS:DO classes via ODBC ( classic Uselsx "*LSXODBC" ... )

It works.

Charles, thaks again for your useful info ;-)

1) ok, one day, soon, I will use jdbc and Java agents... ;-)

2) From Designer 8.5 help:
DataDirect® ODBC drivers can be used with the Lotus Connector for ODBC. These include the DataDirect Sybase®, Oracle®, Informix®, DB2®, and SQL Server ODBC wire protocols. IBM® Lotus® Enterprise Integrator (LEI) and IBM® Lotus® Domino(TM) Enterprise Connection Services (DECS) support the supplied Lotus-branded DataDirect ODBC driver.

For a list of supported connector data drivers, especially the Lotus-branded DataDirect ODBC Wire Prototol drivers, see the LEI readme at http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus/documentation/lei for this release.

To specify and use one of the DataDirect ODBC driver pack drivers with your Lotus Connector for ODBC, you must first configure the driver and assign it a data source name (DSN).

The ODBC DataDirect Lotus-branded drivers are available for download on IBM® Passport Advantage for licensed LEI users at http://www.ibm.com/software/howtobuy/passportadvantage.

Note DataDirect drivers are installed on the IBM i platform by the IBM® Lotus® Domino(TM) installation program.


Charles Robinson said...

You're welcome, Cris, I was glad to help. Thanks for following up and updating this information. The help is wrong, by the way. The Data Direct ODBC drivers do not require you be licensed for LEI. They're available with Domino Server Enterprise as well.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic ... i try it now !