Blackberry Mail(a): nomen omen?

Recent news.

L'Aquila (Abruzzo region, Italy): many people still live in tents after the earthquake (remember the recent G8 Meeting?).

A 14 years old little girl, living in a tent with her family, received the Catholic corfirmation ("cresima") : her family collected money for a special gift, a pink Blackberry.

But someone stole her precious device, the only mean for her to connect to Internet! Many cries from the poor little girl.

Luckily a retired man from another town in Abruzzo, Sulmona (famous town for the production of sugar wedding candies) , decided to give to the little girl a brand-new Blackberry gift.

The name of the little girl is Maila: yes, Maila ... ;-)

I guess Blackberry company missed a chance to receive free advertisement just giving away a free Blackberry phone to the little Maila ;-)

Web article on Repubblica (Italian): "Little miracles" in tent city...

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