Friday worst case ever!

Friday afternoon I received a very worried phone call by a friend.

Domino was working fine, the problem was about a 3rd party Domino task: this commercial product (competitor of IBM LEI) takes care about syncing data between Domino and a remote relational database server, mapping data tables to Notes documents.

Suddenly the 3rd party task was not working anymore, neither pulling data nor writing a log document! I made several tests and later I asked help to the product tech support.

After some unsuccesful tests, the tech support agreed to connect to the Domino server via TeamViewer (great product!): the problem was not found yet!

We decided to uninstall the 3rd party software and install it from scratch: finally it worked.

But we were not satisfied by that "solution": how come the software just stopped working?!
Was it because of Windows Update? Or about some kind of Domino issues?
I was scared that it would happen again.

After some further investigation (in the meantime data was starting to sync...) I found the the cause of the problem...

The antivirus file real-time scanner (eTrust) , running on the Domino server, simply thought that a small .dll file, inside the Domino program path, was just infected by virus, so it tried to cure it and later it moved it to the quarantine area.

That .dll was not part of Domino standard installation, it was part of 3rd party Domino task.

Some thoughts:
  • so stupid, I should first check the antivirus quarantine area :-(

  • is it really necessary to have an antivirus file real-time scanner on a Domino server?
    why not just exclude the Domino program path from the scanning? ;-)

  • why the 3rd party task did not make any sw component inventory and write a decent log entry for any missing .dll ? At least, tech support was really great, willing to help...

Do you have any tips? What is your favourite antivirus? LEI or 3rd party solution for high speed relational db server-Domino data exchange ?

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