Amarcord packing week-end

I spend all my week-end just packing... and not yet finished... Why?

The house were we live is really small, it was perfect for a single, but not anymore for my wife and also the incoming son (my son is due around 9th November).

Me and Elly decided not to move to another house yet (handy location, right rent, nice neighborhood) , so we are finding some extra room for our growing family.

We started to pack things that we will not use for some time:
  • books (I saved some computer science ones...)
  • DVD: over 300 ones!
I don't feel big regrets for my books, but watching my beloved DVD packed inside anonymous boxes... it was pure suffering!

Gosh, many cartoons, drama, action, TV series, historical movies, NG documentaries... all my last height years stuffed in some anonymous boxes in my warehouse.

Maybe some of you had my same experience when your partner decided to move in your flat and you had to move your beloved stuff (LP records, comics, books...) to a different place ;-)

Going from single mode to family mode...

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