Domino Designer on Eclipse: something ELSE

Luckily I decided to apply for 8.5.1 beta!

Most of all, I like the new LotusScript editor, finally an up-to-date editor:
  • code assistant (control-space): suggesting class methods, library inclusion, etc.
  • comment / code templates
  • classes supports
  • go to definition (F3) feature:
    eg. you over db.title, presses F3 and you are moved db declaration (dim db as NotesDatabase)
  • editing a LS library when editing a LS agent using that library
  • code indenting
  • error reporting
  • help tips when hovering on code
  • more...
Ok, that's not rocket science, other editors do the same job:
it's still a beta, but I really appreciate the job done so far the IBM team. Congrats.

What I really don't like is the name: DDE = Domino Designer on Eclipse.
For me DDE name is related to the really old technology by Microsoft (before OLE).

I like the name suggested by Peter Presnell: ELSE (Eclipse LotusScript Editor), in my own small way I will use it as a tag for my next posts. Do the same! ;-)

if you are a 8.5.1 managed beta user and you are also a LS developer, don't forget to install the patch published here by David Taieb (requires username/password) to fix some bugs found on code drop 8 LS editor.

P.S. Update: please, move the old .jar file to a different dir, before copying the new .jar patch!
From David:
"One important thing you shouldn't do: do not rename the old jar and leave it in the same directory.
That's a common mistake that some people do, even though the old plugin doesn't have the jar extension anymore, Eclipse will still find it and load it. Please move the old jar in an entire new directory"

BM Lotus Notes/Domino and Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1 is prerelease software and there are no guarantees from IBM that the functionality presented will be in the final shipping product.

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