Searching... I found an upset Notes user

We all agree that Notes is really a power collaboration platform, too powerful sometimes ;-)

Just recently I was stopped by a guy shoutings who was complaining about Notes, while using his poweful laptop:
"Notes sucks! It's so big and slow, it can't even make a simple search!".

First off, that guy is not stupid, it's kind of a pc geek (Linux area) moving to the Notes mail client, so I was amazed about those rough words:
"What's up? any problems? ;-) "

He replied:
"I was trying to find a message inside my mailbox, but I could not! Just a simple word and I could not find a message. Look, I decided to install Thunderbird mail client and attach it to Domino via IMAP: I found that import message in a few seconds....".

Actually Thunderbird was quick to show the relevant search results: Notes did not show any results, just apparently the same document view...

I decided to take a look inside the client Preferences to find some weird setting, but nothing....

Than I decided to take a closer look inside the "More" option of the view search bar:
after a while, I realized that the user changed a search option I NEVER used in 12 years experience:
the "Sort results by" option.

For some unknow reason, the user changed the "relevance" option to the "show all documents (sortable)" option.

The lesson re-learned today:
dont's show too many options to the user, he will not understand all options, he will play with them, he will complain about the all product. Keep it simple.


Sean Cull said...

The setting he was using is the one I alwasy use - I don't like the relevance scoring at all

BothXP said...

The Notes search facility is one of the most complained about things amongst our staff. They think it doesn't work and they hate it.

Trying to explain to a user that just because they can see an e-mail with the sender listed as "user X" doesn't necessarily mean that a search for 'user X' using the 'Author' or 'From' fields will find it can be interesting.