Lotus Traveler 8.5.1 and iPhone: meetings limitation...

I'm currently testing my shiny new iPhone 3GS and Lotus Traveler 8.5.1 push mail: I'm really impressed by the Apple device, really great!

Lotus Traveler was easy to setup and all was fine... so far.

I just got disappointed by some Traveler current version limitations: I can't accepted any invitation sent by my colleagues, or arrange meetings inviting other people!

I took a look to the Traveler 8.5.1 Infocenter, getting the confirmation to my fears:

For this release, Lotus Notes Traveler does not support the processing of meeting notices by an attendee on an Apple device.

If a user receives a meeting notice such as a calendar invitation in their Inbox on the Apple device, the mail message shows who the invitation is from and the meeting subject, but no action such as accepting or declining the invitation is available.

The body of the meeting notice contains this message: "This document is a meeting notice and requires the use of a Lotus Notes or iNotes® client to view the content."

This restriction will be removed in a future update of the Lotus Notes Traveler server.

That is frankly disappointing....

Take a look to Infocenter page:


Ed Brill said...

Mostly this is due to built-in limitations on the iPhone...some of the calendar functionality was added in iPhone 3.0 but too late for us to take advantage in Traveler 8.5.1. it will come.

Meanwhile iNotes ultra-light (browser-based UI) has much more calendar workflow, encrypted mail, and other features that are "missing" in Traveler. You really should be able to do everything you need on an iPhone!

Unknown said...

Ed, thanks for your reply.
The ultra-light iNotes is cool too!

When using iPhone, hard to go back to Blackbbery (at least my Curve device...)..

A friend of mine showed me a Android-enabled HTC phone and I was impressed too.

Jens Bruntt said...

Mostly to Ed: What I find realy annoying (planning to buy an iPhone myself) is the lack of ToDo sync'ing.
I looked into it, and apparently the iPhone doesn't even have a ToDo application built in, and that would be the reason for it not being in the Traveler sync.
the Ultra-light mode does not expose the ToDo documents though :-(
I am e GTD / eProductivity user....

Luis Alejandro Guirigay said...

This has been fixed on Traveler CF1