sntt: saving some seconds during a Lotus Notes setup

During the installation of a Lotus Notes client, when specifying the Domino server name to connect to, after a while, you will be prompted to choose the network protocol (tcp/ip) and the IP / hostname of the server (unless you edited the \WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS file or the Domino common name is reachable by you network...).

I always wondered if there was a way to specify, at the same time, both the server IP address AND the Domino server name, without waiting for the timeout of the Notes client...

I find out the way!
It seems a not documented way, I guess.

Just write the server Domino name as:
@server_address->Domino server name

as showed in the following screen capture image I took:

I tested it on Lotus Notes 8.x and it works...

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