Blogging between milk and baby cry

Finally I found the time and the mood to blog...

After November 4th, when Kevin my first son was born, our lives changed quickly and we are still in the process of adaptation. Some friends told me that the adaptation will last for months, even years. :-(

First off, our sleeping time is not the same, it's a kind of never-ending process for every night, for me and especially my wife Elly:
  • the baby cries
  • comfort the baby
  • give him some breast milk
  • prepare some formula milk
  • waiting baby's burp
  • cradle the baby and pray that the baby will sleep soon
  • sleep some minutes / hour
  • start from the beginning of this list, but with a dizzy & sleepy feeling...
Ok ok, I know that's not big news for many people, but believe me, it's different when you live that experience ;-)

Wow, I've to stop blogging, the baby is crying...See you soon, maybe...

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