Traveler on Android?

Some days ago I met a guy who proudly showed me an HTC-branded Android phone.

Well, I like my iPhone, but... Android seems also interesting (and cheaper, I guess).

The guy  told me that he was using an Android app to  read mail, contacts, etc through a Lotus Domino server with Traveler task: the application name is Touchdown from NitroDesk and is cheap, less than 20 Eur , and you can test the limited  free edition. 

Have a look to it if you have an Android phone, although I would susbsitute it with  the official Android-compatible Lotus Traveler when available (do not know any date).


Henning said...

I read that IBM is even working on an Android native client. Android is an open platform with a lot of customized implementations. A native client could help that Domino would work with various ports of the OS. For Traveler it could be that only certain Android phone will be supported. Android phones are cheaper but they still seem to cost more than 400 Euros (if you want a current Android release and the price is without a contract).

Mitch Cohen said...

I have been using Touchdown for a while http://www.curiousmitch.com/CuriousMitch/mitch2.nsf/d6plinks/MCON-7YCTVM while I am not a big fan of the Touchdown UI, it has worked flawlessly with Traveler for a while now.

IBM announced at Lotusphere that they will officially support Android this year, I know I am looking forward to it when they release it