Do you want to Jailbreak my iPhone?

Anybody around me having an iPhone is simply jailbreak (eg. crack) it, somebody from day 1 others after some weeks.
I am simply stopping myslef to do it, I don't think it is a good idea in the long run, even though my geek side would like to do it... ;-)

I don't like some Apple decisions (eg about some interface matters not solved yet or solved too late), but I must admit Apple decisions are successful.

So, at the end of day, what I like most about the iPhone?

Some reasons:
  • the interface is cute and most of the time friendly (even some not-geek granny can use it!)
  • not many virus yet or security issues found (ok, forget about the PDF issue...)
  • the AppStore is filled with many apps
  • the iPhone is a standard, like it or not...
Some friends told me that with the crack you can download all apps, even the expensive ones....

You know what? That's the same old story that can be applied to music too, and I'm getting tired....

I just want to download and pay all the apps I think I like, I want to carefully evaluate and decide what  I need for my phone, not just download thousand of apps I will never use or willing to fully understand.

So, for now I will keep my "virgin" iPhone 3GS as usual, upgrade iTunes and also upgrade the iPhone iOS to 4.0.1 .

Maybe one night my geek side will surrender, but not tonight! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Keep it uncracked - i have a creacked one and its sucks not to be able to upgrade when new version is ready and Apps on Iphone are very cheap. am going to buy Iphone 4 in few weeks - Palmi