My beloved Quickr 8.5 (beta 8) new features

As and old fan of Quickplace (Quickr old name) since version 2.x, I was thrilled to join the managed beta for Quickr 8.5 (thanks Karen).

I had the chance to view the latest beta (code drop 8) and I  am happy to see important features  developed for Quickr by the IBM team: congrats guys, you are doing a great job.

Also my colleagues liked the new features but the usual exclamation was  "Finally!" (hard to hear some "Wow" nowadays...). Many Quickr users are waiting those new features since a long time ago, and often they hearing buzz  about that "Sharepoint" competitor. Time to fight back! ;-)

Darren already outlined his favored new features, I will write my favorite new features too (we aware that I'm writing about code drop 8 only, and not sure to be final in GA):
  • web interface localized according to the browser language setting: (my ideajam)
  • Quickr hosted by Domino for Linux
  • recycle bin availability
  • ability to set ACL for folders (no need to create a Room to accomplish the same goal)
  • less server/clients round-trips to accomplish the publishing of documents (e.g. attachments, readers,authors just set in one window)
  • posting and comments on the same web page
  • ActiveX not needed anymore by the browser
 I cannot wait to install the new Quickr 8.5 on our production server, when it will available for GA (maybe next month, officially supported on Domino 8.5.1 FP3, unless dojo 1.3.2 is still available...).

Other beta testers really likes the Quickr integration with FileNet and the new List element.
A special thank to Rob Novak for his support.


Anonymous said...

careful, you are breaking terms of partnership in revealing features before gold version.
I would delete this entry pronto before google caches it.

Unknown said...

Sorry, you are wrong.
Me and all beta testers are allowed to talk about Quickr 8.5 new features, as stated in the beta testers forum.

Anonymous said...

OK, that must be changed then, as it was a big no no before.
Thanks I'll check out the ts and cs.
I am in the Quickr Beta Test as well. Did you try it on Linux?

Anonymous said...

The Gold Release is OUT !!!

Unknown said...

... and already downloaded ;-)

Mumble, planning for an upgrade....